A new Tomb Discovered / La découverte d’une nouvelle tombe


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English: A new tomb was discovered yesterday in the city of  Luxor in Egypt by the Japanese mission “Waseda Univeristy”. The tomb was discovered in a very good condition as well as the colors very good preserved. It belongs to “Khonso im Hb” (New Kingdom).

Read this link for more info: http://english.ahram.org.eg/News/90724.aspx

Francais: Une nouvelle tombe a été découverte hier à Louxor en Egypte par la mission japonaise de “Waseda Univeristy”. La tombe a été découverte dans un très bon état ainsi que les couleurs sont bien conservées. Elle appartient à “Khonso im Hb” (Nouvel Empire).


Author: asmaakhattab

I'm an Egyptian woman who was charmed and fascinated by the beauty of my beautiful country Egypt and it's rich history, that's why I decided to enter the faculty of tourism and study everything about my amazing country. Later on, I decided to share my passion and love for Egypt with people from all over the world, that's why I decided to work as a tour guide. I also love to write. Writing to me is like holding a brush in my hand and start to paint the thoughts in my hands as words. So here I'm sharing with you my paintings "my words and thoughts" about what I see, feel, like and think about my country. Hope you enjoy your time reading the posts and that you Walk Like an Egyptian ;) :)

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