Top 3 places to enjoy a quick ESCAPE in Cairo

The Big city of Cairo is the biggest city in Africa and one of the biggest city in the world. The population in Cairo is more than 20 millions! For me, it is one of the best city in the world, I just love it and I find it unique. As a first impression for a visitor to Cairo, you feel the chaos or you maybe get the impression that it is the Bazaar (and it is! 😀 ). The varieties of the things that can be done in Cairo are endless, from the traditional visit to the pyramids, seeing medieval monuments, museums, hanging out in cafes, going to a luxury restaurant, playing sports…. Even only an hour away drive from Cairo you can go to swim and dive in the Red Sea at Sokhna or even go to a Safari in the desert….

With all these options, it feels great to live in Cairo and that’s also why they call it “The city that never sleeps” because there is something to be done at any time of the day… but let’s be honest sometimes with all these people in the streets, the traffic, the business of work and life you just feel that you need to escape, you need a break, you feel that you need to connect with the nature, to just  seat in silence, reconnect and recharge…

We tried to write here some suggestions to places that you can go to during weekdays, to enjoy a quick break of 10 or 15 minutes or even for an hour, a list of places within reach in the center of the city.

Who this article can be useful to?

This list may be useful for someone:

– Who is staying for more than one week in Cairo (maybe working on short/long term) or living in Cairo

-Someone who doesn’t have a membership in a social club where there are some beautiful landscapes

– Someone who hates routine and always looking for a new places to go

When to go?

Preferably in winter and during daylight.

So here is the the top 3

1- Obelisk Garden

“Oblelisk garden” or “Hadiket el Messalah (inArabic)”  is one of my secret places in Cairo that I discovered by coincidence and just love it! From outside the fence, you can’t notice that there is a garden there. It is located on Zamalek Island, just in front of the Nile City boat. It is in the middle between Nile City boat and Equestrian club… NO, it is not Andalus Garden, it is just after it, just beside October bridge. It is a small quiet garden where you can enjoy the feeling of seating on the grace and reconnecting with nature. Usually there are no one there, or just one or 2 persons…

(P.S: There is a cafeteria inside the garden but you don’t have to buy any drinks from it as long as you are not seating on the cafeteria chairs that looks different from garden chairs. If the waiter ask you if you need anything, a small “no thanks” is sufficient)

Obelisk Garden Zamalek

2- Cairo Opera House

Yes! Cairo Opera House… but not to attend concerts. Of course the concerts at the opera are  great but we mean to go to the opera at morning. It is really like an Oasis in middle of the Chaos of the City. From the moment you get close to the opera, you listen to the beautiful symphony music playing from the speakerphones in the garden. Walking around, enjoying the sun, listening to the music, looking at the beautiful sculptures in the garden, even for a 10 minutes, feels GREAT!

Cairo Opera house

3- Azhar Park

There are no place like Azhar Park in Egypt. It is an AMAZING place…. It is a big park (30 hectares),with lots of restaurants and cafes and also a very big surface of greenery. It is listed as one of the world’s sixty great public spaces by the Project for Public Spaces. It has an excellent panoramic view of Cairo. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset over Cairo (P.S: Try to avoid weekends and holidays)

Sunset Over Cairo by Loic Lagarde
Sunset Over Cairo by Loic Lagarde




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Author: asmaakhattab

I'm an Egyptian woman who was charmed and fascinated by the beauty of my beautiful country Egypt and it's rich history, that's why I decided to enter the faculty of tourism and study everything about my amazing country. Later on, I decided to share my passion and love for Egypt with people from all over the world, that's why I decided to work as a tour guide. I also love to write. Writing to me is like holding a brush in my hand and start to paint the thoughts in my hands as words. So here I'm sharing with you my paintings "my words and thoughts" about what I see, feel, like and think about my country. Hope you enjoy your time reading the posts and that you Walk Like an Egyptian ;) :)

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