8 days, 3 cities… #TripToTheSouth


Twenty years from now… even 2 or 3 years from now we may regret things we didn’t do…

How many times we hesitate to do something? How many times we want to do something but we choose not to do it… how many times we regret that we didn’t. If we look back at our lives, we will see that the moments we were really happy and enjoyed life are the moments that we decided to look fear in the eyes and DARE to live… those were the moments we felt ALIVE.

In the last 3 years, things changed a lot in Egypt, lots of reforming and lots of manifestations happened, accordingly lots of tourists decided to cancel their trips to Egypt or postpone it till it is stable in Egypt.  When thousands of people decided not to come now, others decided to take the initiative and come NOW. With the prices the cheapest and empty sites, it makes you feel like you own the place, it leaves room to the imagination to be a Pharaoh for a moment.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”  Mae West

We decided to take the initiative and travel all over Egypt. If you check our previous post you can see that last November & December we toured Cairo by bicycles. This time, we decided to do something different…

8 days, 3 cities… a #TripToTheSouth

Starting this Thursday Inshallah “if Allah wills” (that’s a common word we use a lot in Egypt) we will go from Cairo to El Gouna, then Luxor and we will end the tour in Aswan. It is a trip of more than 900 KM during 8 days. Follow us to discover the beauty of the south of Egypt, it is a unique chance to take an online free virtual tour.

By the way, is there a certain place or activity you would like to try in any of the 3 cities we will visit? Tell us, and we will take a picture specially for you so you can feel it as you were here …

Please follow the trip on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Walk.Like.An.Egyptian.Page , Instagram @Walk_Like_AnEgyptian and here on our blog.

Every platform will show a different part of the tour, make sure you FOLLOW it all!

In few hours Inshallah, we will be at the airport… Cairo International Airport… see you 😉


Author: asmaakhattab

I'm an Egyptian woman who was charmed and fascinated by the beauty of my beautiful country Egypt and it's rich history, that's why I decided to enter the faculty of tourism and study everything about my amazing country. Later on, I decided to share my passion and love for Egypt with people from all over the world, that's why I decided to work as a tour guide. I also love to write. Writing to me is like holding a brush in my hand and start to paint the thoughts in my hands as words. So here I'm sharing with you my paintings "my words and thoughts" about what I see, feel, like and think about my country. Hope you enjoy your time reading the posts and that you Walk Like an Egyptian ;) :)

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