Where to see the best view of cairo

هنا القاهرة… Here is Cairo!

Cairo Tower is one of the important landmarks of the city of Cairo. It has one of the best panoramic views of the city.

•• Location: Guezira island – Zamelek

••Shape: the building takes the shape of the famous Lotus flower (famous symbol from pharaonic Egypt & symbol of eternity and rebirth)

••Construction date: the construction was started on 1956 and it was inaugurated 5 years later (1961)
Height: 187 m (614 feet, around 16 floor 😊)

•• What is it exactly? : A tall tower with a circular observation deck at the top and a rotating restaurant with a view over Cairo.

••Best time to visit: 1 or 2 hours before sunset on weekends and official holidays where sky is clear 🙂 You know that you can see the PYRAMIDS from there when weather is clear! 😉

Photo by Instagramer @egy.90.qtr

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Author: asmaakhattab

I'm an Egyptian woman who was charmed and fascinated by the beauty of my beautiful country Egypt and it's rich history, that's why I decided to enter the faculty of tourism and study everything about my amazing country. Later on, I decided to share my passion and love for Egypt with people from all over the world, that's why I decided to work as a tour guide. I also love to write. Writing to me is like holding a brush in my hand and start to paint the thoughts in my hands as words. So here I'm sharing with you my paintings "my words and thoughts" about what I see, feel, like and think about my country. Hope you enjoy your time reading the posts and that you Walk Like an Egyptian ;) :)

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