Ibn Tulun mosque

Ibn Tulun mosque

9th century – Tulunid

Ibn Tulun mosque is considered the oldest standing mosque in Cairo that kept its original form. It dates back to the 9th century. Its unique for its rare spiral shaped minaret.

      Don’t miss out!

  • Climbing the minaret to enjoy the panoramic view
  • Visiting Gayer Anderson Museum beside it (If you have enough time in the program)

Opening hours:

8 AM  – 4 PM

N.B: Opening hours differ during Ramadan

Entrance tickets:


Travel Tips:

  • Best visited early morning to avoid the heat during hot weather days.
  • Cover shoes is an obligation to visit the mosque. It’s handed by the guardians. A tipping is expected.
  • You might need to ask the guardian to open the door of the minaret, it is closed. A tipping will be expected.